Monthly Archives: July 2013

SAO’s Gaming Machanics

So I am sure you are wondering how all this is going to work. You might even say that my idea is not possible because if it was the big companies would have already done it or something that can function like this would at least be in the works. I completely agree with you. […]


Yes I bet you are thinking is this guy crazy, “…I am not playing a game where I could lose my gear and home and just all my swag just cuz of some no life ganker…” I feel what you are saying and please hear me out first before you write my idea off altogether. […]

An idea of massive proportions

This is my idea for my perfect MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). I have not found an MMO that is good for me and I don’t feel that I see any new ideas out there that are fun. So here is my stab at remedying this depressing reality of the MMO world. I […]