An idea of massive proportions


This is my idea for my perfect MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). I have not found an MMO that is good for me and I don’t feel that I see any new ideas out there that are fun. So here is my stab at remedying this depressing reality of the MMO world.

I titled the MMO “Story Arc Online” The Greatest Stories Never Written, But Always Remembered. Because I dream of a truly persistent world where we as characters truly get to participate, shape, and really play a role in the online universe. A universe where each and every player for the life of the game will forge their own individual stories and behold the creation or destruction left behind by previous players.


Catastrophe has come to two colliding dimensions. Life as was known in those two very different dimensions has come to an end. In a last stitch effort to survive the most advanced minds of 10-15 races of sentient beings sacrifice themselves to evacuate their people into a near by black hole. Little is known about this black hole or where it will lead but it is the only escape possible for you as an intergalactic refugee. As the two dimensions cease to exist a swarm of an uncountable amount of single sentient pods all enter the black hole but it is uncerton  when they will emerge on the other side.

As your game begins your pod is thrust from the black hole at light speed on the edge of a near by galaxy. As your pod hurtles through space bumping and scraping from comet to asteroid, the pod crash lands on one of three randomly chosen nearby planets. You are greeted by the patrolling Refugee Landing Commission (RLC). Thus your story begins. Who will you be? What will you do? How will you be remembered by the players currently treavursing this new galaxy and how will you be known by the players who have yet to emerge from the black whole.

A Player Driven World

I really see this gaming experience being something for every one. In stead of developers crafting a finite story for players with an end game, players are free to create the story as they see fit. The ultimate decision is what to do first after you escape your crashed pod. Will you learn from the RLC, join a guild, become a farmer, animal tamer, leave the planet; the sky’s the limit. This will not be a solo experience. You will need your other players for essential gear, Missions, Bounties, and Contracts. The game economy will begin and end with the player. Venders, Cities, Banks Doctors, and entertainment will all come from players.



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