SAO’s Gaming Machanics

So I am sure you are wondering how all this is going to work. You might even say that my idea is not possible because if it was the big companies would have already done it or something that can function like this would at least be in the works. I completely agree with you. I am putting this game together to not only push the limits of current MMO quality but to also bring back the integrity, complication, and fun of the MMO industry. Its like we as gamers forgot the joy of figuring things out. The majesty of true exploration and freedom. Lastly we for got the meaning of multiplayer. I will tell you right now the meaning is not Call Of Duty lol ūüėČ But real player interaction in and out of combat. In this world an outsider will be able to peer in and see the heart of our universe and know us as a people. In this universe we will really affect change long term and will be able to create as a community a “Garden of Eden” or “Inter Galactic War 1” The trick will be getting the game engines to work together in such a way that will allow for certain criteria to be met.

  • Truly Persistent Capability
  • No ceiling or cap of any kind
  • Engaging control
  • Cause and Effect
  • Dynamic equilibrium in game difficulty
  • player driven materials (ie. housing, cities, vehicles, maps, etc.)
  • A Unique Experience For every player

Truly Persistent Game Play

I am not sure this label will be relevant to MMo’s after my game has its say. So first off the game is titled Story Arc Online. So one could ponder the meaning of that or I could just tell you. The game is all about each and every player in this universe building their own story and how through player interaction that story arcs through the life of the universe. For this to happen the players actions not only have to mean something but have to last and be consistent for every player new and old. I use this analogy a lot when explaining this feature so here it is. If this game was a star wars game and you where a Jedi, if you trained your force skill to a level that would allow you to rip star ships out of the sky while standing on a mountain planet side and you proceeded to do so successfully, forever for the life of the game new and old players alike will be able to see that downed star ship and its crater of impact. Another analogy is if you take a mission to assassinate a Queen and you succeed that mission will no longer be available for anyone else ¬†and that Queen will forever be dead. So your character stands to truly be an extension of the player. And your decisions not only affect you but the entire galaxy.

No Ceiling or Cap 

One of my MMO pet-peeves is reaching some wall or unacceptable area ¬†for no good reason. Or in a space sim reaching the edge of the playable area. I can’t stand it, so a lot like an Elder Scrolls game the player from day one will be able to go where ever and do what ever they wish as long as they have the skills and materials to do so. Since the character development does not rely on traditional leveling there will be no level cap to speak of. The development will work off of a branching mastery system that I will explain in detail in another post. But for now you can refer to it as a skill based system similar in scope to that of minecraft. Also the terrain and space will be procedurally generated so there will really be no limit to the amount of space you can cover and the terrain on other planets (once space travel is available) will be very unique from planet to planet again similar to starting a new world in minecraft.

Engaging Control

Now to me the controls in most MMO’s that i play are not very engaging. I don’t get the excitement that I get from a single player game, or they are not as easy to manipulate as a console controller. Now some MMo controls are rather fun don’t get me wrong and it is those controls that the idea sprang from. So the game will be twitch based. you will use your mouse for targeting and the mouse clicks to attack block and dodge. Now accessing the various skills in combat will be like stringing together combos in an action single player game. Weather you use ranged weapons, melee weapons, or martial style combat in your PvP/PvE the mechanic will work pretty much the same causing the player to call on their real life skill and ability and not just rely on game stats. When you target animals and fauna you will be able to access other options from gathering materials to scouting for hidden components etc. ¬†SAO will also have Quick Time Events in its gathering and combat scheme that will keep the player engaged in all aspects of the game. Gone are the days of pressing a button for crafting and walking away to make a sandwich.

Cause & Effect

Since this game will be completely player driven, it will have a reputation, bounty, and legacy system built in to game play. Missions will be derived from players. As materials and devices are needed retrieve missions will be posted. Same goes for hunting missions, raid missions, Task Forces, and so on. If a player kills another player they will gain or loose reputation with their factions groups and influence with surrounding towns and cities. Influence will allow for different options with player venders based on their interests, also allowing or restricting access to various guilds and factions. Reputations will really affect your player to player interaction. You can earn or loose reputation by taking missions. Good or bad reputation will earn you badges that will either repel or attract other players to you. Become the “Guardian” savior of Noobz, or become “The Butcher” raider of towns and Noob killer. Bad reputation could cause a player to take out a bounty on you. If a bounty already exists for you it will grow adding to the pot for your demise. If the bounty grows to high you will be seen as too great a threat and task forces will be erected to hunt you till death. You as a player will have to weigh ever decision and really get invested in your character because remember its the only one you will get. If you die it is back to the drawing board.

Dynamic Equilibrium (In-game Difficulty)

This feature is some thing I have never seen in any game but I would love to see. Dynamic EQ of in-game difficulty will take mob killing to a whole new level literally.  So this feature will allow for dynamic ramping of Mob AI and difficulty. The mobs will slowly adapt to your game play style in effect becoming harder. The more creatures in a mob the harder the mob will become before its completion. This feature coupled with a moral system that will cause Mobs to scatter and run away if moral is broken, will generate more difficult mob and longer take downs. For creature farmers there is a stalking system in play. If you farm aggressive creatures for a time the one you kill the most may begin to stalk you. So as you travel in town there will be a small to large mob or maybe even one epic creature waiting in the wings. Your stalker will attack you randomly with out warning. So be careful what you do refugee, the planet is unforgiving.

Player Driven Materials

Houses, Cities, Space Stations, Shops, Tailors, Hospitals, Cloners, Etc will all be made and owned by players. I stated in a previous post that the economy begins and ends with the player I mean it. The fees will have a global base but that base will be based on the value and criminality to the player universe at large. Players will construct guild halls and all buildings mentioned once the necessary materials are gathered and refined. player towns can evolve into cites and even mega cities if a large organization pools their resources and creates one or if a lot of players set up shop in the same are. Structures will get perks and special mods if erected next to or near other buildings. Territories can also be established but they will have to be defended. players can try to take your property by fores at the risk of permanent death and they could also steal it if they have the ability at a high level there will also be various political way that someone else could threaten your property. Property will decay. Property will need constant up keep even while off line or it will fall apart and become ruins.

“Nothing lasts forever, except a good story.”

A Unique Story Experience For Every One

The ultimate goal of “Story Arc Online” is to lay the foundation and frame work in a pleasing setting that will allow for each and every player that enters this universe will have a very unique story and game play experience. This will cause vast amounts of communication and really open the floor for everyone to come together on and off line to share their unique adventures. No one will have played the same missions, no one will have accomplished the exact same things, and on one will have had the same relationships with others so when stories are told people and players alike will listen.


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