Story Development

the story of all timeThe most important part of a story is the beginning. It is there that the foundation and rhythm of the story is established. During the alpha the story will begin to take shape. The developers and testers will come together to make the advanced landing party. They will build the first houses and cities and create the first guilds and factions. Of those factions and guilds a law of the land will spring forth and will begin to be enforced. Rhythm will be the most important because it will have to be somewhere in-between mildly paced and a race. The beta team will begin to lay the foundation for the dynamics of the different species relationship. Who has tension with whom and why. Will this be a lade back emerging new civilization or Waring factions.

Two universes just collided and vanished in the blink of an eye, forcing 16 species of sentient beings to now co-habitat in this new universe and for a while on these three planets. Some have just found out that they are alone in the universe and others have amassed vast multi-species empires that span the galaxy. How will they respond to one another.

As ground is broken and new cities and shops come for the alliances will be forged for enforcers that will enforce the laws that the city sets forth and shops will put out missions as good need transporting and materials are needed. With the frame work layed the ground is set for individual players to join the universe and literally change it for the better or worse.


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